ACT volunteers starting the project.
ACT volunteers removing shingles.
Lunch served at the Rusty Duck Cafe'.
Loading shingles into a dump trailer.
ACT volunteers with home owners after completing the project.

Who is ACT?

Answering the Call Together, Inc. (ACT) is a faith-based non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization that is located in Norwalk, Ohio. ACT is an organization made up of men and women who volunteer their time and talents to help others who are in need. ACT is a family-friendly organization and encourages children to be active in volunteering as well. ACT reaches out locally, nationally, and globally by specializing in three distinct areas. ACT collects, refurbishes, and ships used medical equipment around the world. ACT also has the expertise in organizing and training teams of volunteers for rapid deployment in response to natural disasters anywhere in the United States. Lastly, ACT provides assistance to local families who are in need of having their homes repaired.


ACT was established in 2005 after a group of individuals volunteering their time and talents towards building a hospital in Honduras decided to come together as one. While there, the hospital received a shipment of “junk”. The equipment was unusable, but cost much time, energy, and money to collect, ship, and ultimately to dispose of. That is why they decided to ACT, so that missionaries would receive good quality usable equipment, and so a motto began..… “No junk for Jesus”.

We discovered other organizations sharing the same philosophy. Many of these organizations belonged to a group called Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare (TECH). We are now a TECH member as well as a non-profit Ohio corporation and a U.S. IRS recognized 501(c)3 organization.

Mission statement

Through the love, grace, mercy, and servant Spirit of our Lord, Jesus Christ, ACT desires to assist mission organizations by providing medical equipment, supplies, and services. Train, organize, and equip teams of volunteers for rapid deployment in response to natural disasters anywhere in the United States. Create and organize short-term mission trips locally, nationally, and globally.